Anti-Vibe Liquid Damping Paste

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Anti-Vibe – Liquid Damping Paste

Anti-Vibe Liquid Damping Paste is a water based compound that is highly effective in reducing vibrational resonance and noise often described as humming or tinny. It can be used in a wide range of applications such as ducting, sheet metal cabinetry, tubs & sinks, doors and on many other substrates.

Applying Anti-Vibe to affected surfaces will dissipate structure-borne vibrational energy and radiated air-borne energy. Anti-Vibe Liquid Damping Paste is an off-white, paste-like liquid that is easily applied by spray, trowel or brush. It is highly resistant to water, oils, solvents, acids and alkali. The material is non-toxic, non-flammable (wet or dry), almost odorless and is non-aging.

Once dry, Anti-Vibe can be painted to match decorative treatments. The viscoelastic properties of Anti-Vibe makes vibrating surfaces poor transmitters of vibrational energy. This damping material is unable to transfer the energy of the vibrating source fast enough to transmit much noise or vibration. Air dry above 40°F – can be oven dried. Anti-Vibe is non-toxic & non-tacky. Damping properties not apparent until coating is dry. Keep Anti-Vibe from freezing!

Product Data:

Flammability: (dry) Pass FMVSS-302

Flame Spread Index: 13 (ASTM E-162)

Smoke Development: 0

Fuel Contribution: 0

Flash Point: None

Viscosity: Paste-like liquid

Colour: Drys Off-White (can be painted over)

Quantities Available:

5 Gallon Pail (covers 100 sq.ft. at 1/16″ thick)


Garbage Chutes, Covers and Cabinets, HVAC Ducting, Plenums, Office furniture, Sinks and Tubs, Doors, Vehicle cab sheet metal, Boat hulls, Bulkheads, ect.

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