Barymat BM-1C & BM-1A – Flexible Decoupled Barrier Material




Barymat BM-1C & BM-1A – Flexible Decoupled Barrier

Barymat BM-1C & BM-1A is an extremely versatile noise control composite. BM-1C is very effective as an acoustic lagging to reduce breakout noise in pipes and ducts and can be used to increase transmission loss in walls and ceilings. Barymat BM-1C consists of a clear, tough polyester cover for contamination resistance, a loaded flexible 1.6 lb. per sq. ft. barrier for transmission loss (0.9 lb. also available) and a .25 in. urethane foam decoupler. BM-1C is an acoustic lagging which effectively reduces radiated sound energy from a wide variety of sources. Excess noise coming from soil pipe, water pipe or air handling ducts and equipment is unacceptable in most living or work spaces. Constant or intermittent noise of this nature can be a source of irritation and stress. Unwanted sound propagation can be easily controlled using this decoupled barrier.

The composite 1/4” layer of acoustic foam which keeps the limp, dense barrier decoupled from the surface of the noise source. Increased performance can be achieved with a pre-wrap of 1/2” to 1” of light density fiberglass. BM-1C is easy to cut with a common utility knife, which makes Installation very simple. Sections should be overlapped to eliminate any gaps in the barrier and maintain best acoustic performance. BM-1C has a 1.6 lb. per sq. ft. barrier. Where weight restrictions are a consideration use BM-1A a 0.9 lb. per.

Available Thicknesses: BM-1C approx. 0.3125″ or BM-1A approx. 0.25″

Standard Dimensions: Sheets – 54” x 72” (27 sq.) or Rolls – 54” x 30’ (135 sq. ft.)

Suggested Applications (indoor & outdoor use): HVAC Ducting, Drain Pipes, Pumps, Gas Lines, Machine Housing, Hydraulic Systems, Cyclones, Stacks, Panels, Cabinets, Ceilings, Walls, ect.

Typical Physical Properties:

Barrier Color: Black

Foam Color: Charcoal Grey

Foam Density: ASTM D 3574-86 -1.5 -2.2 lb. / cu. ft.

Composite Weight: BM-1C – 1.7 lb. /sq. ft. BM-1A – 0.9 lb. / sq .ft.

Flammability: MVSS 302 – Passes

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BM-1A Roll (1/4" x 54" x 72"), BM-1A Sheet (1/4" x 54" x 72"), BM-1C Roll (1/3" x 54" x 30'), BM-1C Sheet (1/3" x 54" x 72")