Barymat BV14C – Sound Absorber & Barrier


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Barymat BV14C – Sound Absorber & Barrier

The Barymat BV-14C composite consists of perforated vinyl scuff wear and contamination resistance, 1.0 inch of acoustic polyurethane foam for sound absorption, a filled, flexible 1.6 lb. per sq. ft. barrier for transmission loss and a 0.25 inch polyurethane foam decoupler layer. The Barymat BV-14C is a composite sound absorption/barrier material protected with a perforated vinyl film facing. It is suitable for moderately dirty environments where it is not exposed to contaminants such as direct oil or water spray. Barymat BV-14C is easy to apply and can be cut with common utility knives.
***For secure and permanent installations use specified adhesives***
Standard Thickness: 1.25″ – overall composite thickness
Standard Sheet Size: 54” x 72”, untrimmed (27 square feet)
Applications: Noise Enclosure Liners, Engine Compartment Liner, Wall Barrier Absorber, ect.
Typical Physical Properties:
Composite: 1.9 lb. / sq. ft.
Flammability: MVSS 302 – Passes.
Foam Density: ASTM D4-64 – 200%
Thermal Conductivity of Foam at 75°F (21°C): ASTM C518 – 0.27 Btu. in. / hr. ft² °F

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