Conasorb UF – Acoustic Sound Absorber


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Conasorb UF – Acoustic Sound Absorber

Conasorb UF a sound absorbing foam bonded with 1.5 mil urethane film making this absorption material very durable in mechanical application where the environment can become very dirty and oils or cutting fluids maybe be splattered or spilled. The black urethane film finish is extremely durable due to its highly elastic properties and is resistant to mechanical damage. This finish is suitable for very dirty environments and will withstand direct contact with water and most liquids found in industrial environments such as oils and cutting fluids. Conasorb UF is easy to apply and can be cut with common utility knives. For secure and permanent installations use specified adhesive

Available Thicknesses: UF-50 1/2”, UF-100 1” & UF-200 2”
Standard Sheet Size: 54” x 72” or 27 sq.ft.
Standard Roll Size: 54” x 75  or 337.5 sq.ft. (1/2” & 1”) OR 54″ x 50′  or 225 sq.ft. (2″ only)
Applications: Machine Guarding Liner, Engine Compartments, Enclosure Liner, Silencer Liner, ect.

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Conasorb UF-100 Roll (1" x 54" x 75'), Conasorb UF-100 Sheet (1" x 54" x 72"), Conasorb UF-200 Roll (2" x 54" x 50'), Conasorb UF-200 Sheet (2" x 54" x 72"), Conasorb UF-50 Roll (1/2" x 54" x 75'), Conasorb UF-50 Sheet (1/2" x 54" x 72")


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