Hush Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panel


* Elegant aesthetic
* Variety of sizes, shapes and colors
* Reduce reverberation and echo
* Improves speech intelligibility
Hush 2000 Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels are designed to reduce and control reverberated (echo) noise in building
interiors. The Hush 2000 Standard Wall Panel provides the ultimate in acoustical performance with excellent NRC
ratings as high as 1.15.
With a variety of options to choose from including sizes, shapes, fabrics and colours it is easy to create the perfect
solution for your reverberation sound problems.
Our panels work well for either retrofit or new construction applications. Hush Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels can be attached directly to a ceiling deck or drywall or suspended from a ceiling. They offer a lot of versatility in design.
Schools / Universities, Houses of Worship, Auditoriums, Office Spaces, Theatres / Studios, Multi-Purpose Rooms


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