Hush Wavebar 2 lb Reinforced Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV)



Walls and Ceilings

Roll measures 48” wide x 25’ long 1/4 inch thick.

Weight is 2 lb. per sq ft = 200 lb per roll

32 STC

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Hush Wavebar  a high performance, flexible mass loaded vinyl noise barrier, offering superior acoustic transmission loss. Its leather look on one side is aesthetically more pleasing allowing for more creative designs. The other side has reinforced black mesh fabric to be more tear resistant and to allow product to adhere better with glues.


  • Inside cavities, over lightweight wall and ceilings
  • Ideal for home theatre rooms, office partitions, meeting rooms
  • Between the plenum chamber of a floor slab, the roof and
    adjoining partition walls
  •  Isolate sound on doors for privacy
  • Position as a curtain to separate and create an acoustic barrier
    for open floor plans
  • Automotive cabin application to reduce engine and road
    noise transmitting through to passengers
  • Laminate to lightweight structures


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