Hush Fence – Air Conditioner Soundproofing



Hush Fence – Air Conditioner Soundproofing

Your air conditioner, pool pump or generator is generally sitting on some type of pad. The sound travel is what creates the problem for most homeowners. Hush Fence uses the same technology that sound recording studios use to block and absorb noise at the source. By placing the Hush Fence system in front of or around the equipment creates a barrier for the sound and traps the movement.

One Hush Fence is a two panel system 43″ (h) x 48″ (w) fully open is hinged in the center. Measure your equipment area to determine how many you may need. Most customer order 2 or more depending on the size of your equipment. When placing the Hush Fence panel in either an”L”shape or “U” shape you minimize the directional travel of the noise and contain the sound. The prism shape design is why Hush Fence technology helps at reducing the buzzing or humming noise from an air conditioner, pool pump, and pool heater for acoustic dampening. Hush Fence can be freestanding on your on/around your concrete pad or patio, or use lightweight fence stakes for a fixed permanent placement. Fence stakes (sold separately) are available and come with a bag of screws for easy attachment. Also available are Hush Blocks (sold separately) which are rubber pads to put under the feet of your A/C unit or mechanical equipment to reduce vibrational sound. Recommend placement of Hush Fence- approximately 12″ away from A/C for proper air flow.



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