LAG ‘FR’ & LAG ‘FRC’ – Acoustical Pipe and Duct Wrap


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LAG ‘FR’ & LAG ‘FRC’ – Acoustical Pipe and Duct Wrap

Model LAG ‘FR’ Acoustical Pipe & Duct Lagging combines a loaded vinyl with reinforced aluminum foil facing on one side. The vinyl provides mass and flexibility while the aluminum foil adds increased mechanical strength, weather-ability, an attractive appearance and improved fire retardant. Model LAG “FRC” is available with nominal 1” thick quilted fiberglass decoupler which allows the vinyl barrier to float independently of the noise source thus maximizing performance. Model LAG ‘FR’ and ‘FRC’ has an operating temperature of -40° to 220°F. The composite incorporated a 1” quilted fiberglass decoupler which allows for a one step installation process. This significantly reduces installation labour and enhances noise reduction properties. Simply cut to length and secure in place using FSK tape, duct tape or mechanical fasteners.


STC – Up to 27
Fire Safe – Meets Class 1 when properly installed. Low smoke and flame spread.
Easy Installation – Using bands, matching lag tape or mechanical fasteners
No Down Time – Can be installed during normal equipment operation, No shut down is required.
Durable – Tear/puncture resistant. Offers moisture, oil, chemical resistance. Will not rot, shrink, cause corrosion.

Product Specifications:

Surface burning characteristics per ASTM E84 Flame Spread Index 10 Smoke Level. Index 40
Flammability per Fed. Test Std. No. 191-5903 Flame Out: 0 Seconds Afterglow: 0 Seconds Char Length: 0.2 Seconds
Service Temp: -40° to 220°F
Corrosion Resistance: Excellent for most oils, grease, acids and mild alkalis.

Product Dimensions:
Material Thickness: 0.10” Barrier, 1.0” Composite.
Material Roll Size: LAG FR – 54” x 30’ Barrier Only LAG FRC – 54” x 30’ Composite

Process Piping, Duct Work, Heat Exchangers, Valves, Mixing Boxes, Material Transfer Lines, Treatment Plants, HVAC Applications, Gas Utility Pressure Reducing Stations, ect.

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