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Lanterns – Acoustic Baffles – Pricing is for 4 lanterns

Acoustic Lanterns are a series of innovative ceiling baffles designed for hotel lobbies, restaurants and other architecturally demanding environments where acoustic control must integrate with the surroundings to add flare while improving room intelligibility.

There are four models to choose from, each with a distinctive shape reminiscent of cultural elements used in interior design around the world. Each Lantern is 24″ (600 mm) long and averages 8″ (200 mm) wide for a total surface area. This delivers exceptional absorption throughout the voice range while extending the low frequency performance for a more balanced sounding room.

As with all acoustic panels, construction begins with high density 6 lb per cubic foot (96 kg/m³) glass wool for maximum absorption. These are encapsulated with micro-mesh and edges are resin treated to retain the shape and safely prevent the minute glass fibers from escaping during handling. The panel is wrapped in a resilient polyester yarn that is easy to clean and will look great for years. To ensure safe use anywhere, the Acoustic Lanterns are ASTM E 84 tested to meet the stringent Class-A/1 designation for fire and smoke development.

Ideally suited for rooms with higher ceilings, the Lanterns are generally suspended in clusters. One can incorporate a series of identical shapes or a collection of different models to create unique ceiling-scapes that will surely captivate and visually excite, while quietly reducing excessive reverberation. The Acoustic Lanterns come in choice of black, grey or beige and in choice of four designs:














Frequency – HZ 63Hz 125Hz 250Hz 500Hz 1kHz 2kHz 4kHz
 8″ Depth 0.35 0.98 1.05 1.02 1.0 1.02 1.01


Acoustic Lantern FAQ’s

How many Acoustic Lanterns do I need for a given room?
There are no hard rules when it comes to acoustic treatment, but most find that if they employ between 15% and 20% of the ceiling surface area, you will find the results to be effective. Good news… start with 10%… if you are not satisfied, you can always add more!

What makes Lanterns better than regular baffles?
Lanterns are not necessarily better than baffles. They are an alternative that look different which in some cases, will make them more appealing.

Can I mix baffles with Acoustic Lanterns?
Absolutely. This can result in some really exciting designs while adding even great acoustic absorption!

Can I wrap the Lanterns with another fabric to match my furniture?
Yes. These are more difficult to do than regular panels as you cannot hide the seams. So long as the fabric is breathable, it will work without affecting the acoustical properties. Simply use a spray on adhesive and take your time!

Will Lanterns put off an odor like other acoustic panels?
The ‘new carpet’ smell that people often complain about is a one that you must live with until the odor dissipates. If you are extra sensitive we suggest airing out the panels for a few days in a garage.

Are there any places one should avoid placing the panels?
Yes, you should always keep them away from the heating and cooling systems. These produce radical temperature shifts which can affect the adhesives that hold the fabric onto the panels.

Can I use Lanterns in a gymnasium?
You can, but we do not recommend it. The Lanterns will likely be used as a target as soon as that young 14 year old has the chance to test his throwing skills!

Can I use Lanterns in a school cafeteria?
Yes, but always check with local authorities as there are usually limitations when panels are used in kitchens due to sanitary reasons. This is because of the soot that kitchen stoves can produce which of course would get into the panels and be impossible to clean.

Can I use Lanterns in a restaurant?
Yes. In the restaurant eating area, it is not a problem. But just as described above, soot that kitchen stoves can produce can get into the panels and be impossible to clean. Thus, local health authorities may require special washable panels in the kitchen.

Can I use Lanterns to tame the echo in an indoor swimming pool area?
No. You should use products designed to be in high humidity places that will not be affected by the chemicals. Try our Vinyl Baffles for swimming pools.

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Dragon, Fiesta, Shoji, Tiki


Beige, Black, Grey


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