Resilmount A48R – Resilient Right Angle Bracket



Resilmount A48R – Resilient Right Angle Bracket

Resilmount A48R™ is an engineered, acoustic resilient mounting bracket for reducing airborne vibration and structure-borne vibration in internal wall and ceiling applications. Use to brace an acoustic wall to the structure without compromising sound and vibration transmission requirements.

Resilmounts patented thermoplastic rubber outperforms standard rubber because of its unique natural absorbing characteristics. Resilmounts unique sound cell design guards against structure borne vibrations transferring into the body of the Resilmount because of its strong column design providing a small percentage of contact surface area with the structure or substrate it is fastened to. This aids in absorbing and breaking up airborne sound at its transfer point.


• Unique, patented sound cell design to break up and absorb airborne sound.
• Engineered thermoplastic rubber outperforms standard rubber because of its sound absorbing characteristics.
• A48R is perfect for decoupling wall systems.
• A48R can be used to decouple almost anything from garage door motors to lockers.
• Resilmount is the most cost effective way to isolate airborne noise.
• Strong ‘column’ design provides minimal contact area with substrate whilst maintaining maximum structural integrity.
• Provided with several 3/16” slotted holes in bracket surface, suitable for direct fastening applications.
• 1/4” hole for most common fittings like 3/16” suspension rod.


Size – Bracket  1 9/16″ Width, 4 3/8″ height

Weight Capacity – 48 lbs


The Resilmount A48R right angle bracket can be mounted in several different orientations for a variety of acoustic-sensitive installations. All Resilmount products are precision manufactured by Studco Building Systems for complete control over the quality of each individual mount, in order to meet or exceed the architectural specifications required of each resilient mount. The patented Resilmount rubber insert has been independently tested and approved for use in Canada and the USA.


• A48R to be fastened to structure with a minimum #8 screw or masonry sleeve anchors. (See fasteners manufacturers specifications).
• When using in ceiling applications, always check load ratings with Resilmount’s engineers prior to installation.
• Do not over tighten wall fasteners.
• Must have a A-300 washer in fire rated assemblies.


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