ViCloud VMT – Acoustic Cloud Panel




ViCloud VMT – Acoustic Cloud Panel – Pricing is for 4 clouds

ViCloud VMT is a simple and lightweight suspended acoustic solution. Being a suspended acoustic element, presents twice the area of absorbing material exposed than a common acoustic panel, making it ideal for restaurants, open concept offices, convention centres, atriums, or any public space where great concentration of people is expected and background noise created by a room full of conversations can quickly build up.

In addition, by using Virtual Material Technology, ViCloud VMT can be totally customizable to better fit your architectural needs. For exquisite architectural soundscapes, ViCloud VMT may just be the wisest solution for you.

gráfico vicloud vmt

Main Info

Dimensions:  Round – 950 x 40 mm; Square – 950 x 950 x 40 mm; Hexagon – 930 x 536,94 x 40 mm; Petal – 930 x 1014 x 40 mm
Scratch Resistance: Yes 
Washable:  Yes


Functionality: Absorption 
Absorption Frequency: Medium & High Frequencies
NRC: 0.61-0.81 (depending on installation)
Fire Rated: Yes (Euroclass B – s2, d0)

Raw Materials

Raw Color: White 
Foam Type: PET


Raw Color: See brochure in the images above for the 31 different patterns available
Edges: Angled


Place: Ceiling
Fixing Type: Magnetic and Mechanical Suspended Fixation (fixation system included)

Additional information


Hexagon, Petal, Round, Square


3D 1, 3D 3, 3D 4, Abstract 2, Abstract 3, Abstract 4, Concrete 1, Concrete 2, Concrete 3, Concrete 4, Doodle 1, Doodle 2, Doodle 3, Doodle 4, Geometric 2, Geometric 3, Geometric 4, Marble 1, Marble 2, Marble 3, Marble 4, Nature 1, Nature 2, Nature 4, Stone 2, Stone 4, Tiles 1, Tiles 2, Tiles 3, Tiles 4, World – Spain


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