VicWallpaper – Acoustic Wallpaper




VicWallpaper – Acoustic Wallpaper – Pricing includes 8 sheets

VicWallpaper is a revolutionary new way of acoustic and thermal isolation, for residential and commercial applications. This wallpaper was developed to perform over medium to high frequencies, is ideal for improving speech and intelligibility on places like meeting rooms, living rooms or classrooms.

Manufactured in recycled EurClass B PET and covered with fabrics, VicWallpaper is easy and fast to install, not requiring any specialized and expensive labour.

Main Info

Dimensions: 595 x 595 x 15mm or 1190 x 595 x 15mm
Scratch Resistance: No
Washable: No


Functionality: Absorption
Absorption Frequency: High Frequencies
Alpha with Shape Indicators: N/A
NRC: 0.14
Fire Rated: Yes (Euro Class B – s2, d0)

Raw Materials

Material: VicPET Wool, Fabric
Fabric Type: Microsuede
Foam Type: PET Wool


Fabric Color: Black, Grey, Light Grey, Bordeaux, Purple, Pink, Red, Musk Green, Beige, Natural White, Brown, Celestial Blue, Blue, Orange, Pumpkin Orange

Fabric Designs: Triangles, Square 30,  Square 8, Deck,  Symmetric


Place: Walls
Fixing Type: Flexi Glue Ultra

Additional information


1190 x 595 x 15mm, 595 x 595 x 15mm


Deck, Square 30, Square 8, Symmetric, Triangle


Beige, Black, Blue, Bordeaux, Brown, Celestial Blue, Grey, Light Grey, Musk Green, Natural White, Orange, Pink, Pumpkin, Purple, Red


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