Soundproof Sliding Glass Doors

Why should the windows have all the fun? bQuiet sliding glass doors are able to reduce noise just as effectively as our windows; 75-90%. As we do with windows, we add a 2nd layer to your sliding door – a 2nd glass layer that is laminated, blocking sound and adding security. The coldest room in your home is typically the one with the sliding glass door due to the glass itself and the non-sufficient seals that typically surround them. With our 2nd glass door added, drafts are virtually eliminated, thus changing the room to one of the most comfortable in the entire home.


bQuiet Soundproof windows & sliding glass doors provide another substantial benefit. Because we use laminated glass, security is increased significantly! Sliding glass doors normally have tempered glass, which can be easily broken by an intruder. The laminated glass offers excellent security and peace of mind by preventing break-ins. Due to the time required and the noise produced attempting to break through, the effort required to break them deters many intruders. Laminated glass also offers the advantage of protecting interiors from flying glass, projectiles and other damage because they remain intact when struck.

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