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We provide quality soundproofing products and services Canada-wide with installation services available across Western Canada. At Hush City Soundproofing customer satisfaction is our top priority. Whether you are trying to mute a noisy neighbour from just one wall, or you want to build a recording studio within your apartment, we use a proven combination of products, professionally installed for an incredibly effective solution.


We provide Canada with the best sound controlling products for walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors and mechanical equipment. Depending on the project’s sound control needs, we help you design a soundproofing solution that meets your needs and budget. We work hard to reduce your annoying noises using our acoustic absorption, sound blocking and sound isolation products. For your next soundproofing project, get in touch with us for our commercial, residential and industrial soundproofing solutions and choose Canada’s #1 Acoustical Solutions company.


We provide high quality and proven soundproofing products. Our installation services are completed by professional and qualified tradespeople who take pride in what they do. We provide consultations for home owners, home builders, renovation companies, general contractors, architects and engineers. We will be happy to schedule a time to assist you in bringing your acoustical and soundproofing plans to life.

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