Fabric Decorative Acoustic Panels


Fabric Decorative Acoustic Panels – Please contact for pricing

Decorative Acoustic Panels (DAP’s) is an attractive, versatile rigid fiberglass panel that can be used for a wide variety of acoustic applications. Panels are available in 1” & 2.5″ thicknesses and are available in any size up to 48″ x 96″. All fabric facing is Guilford of Maine or Maharam, and is available in over 100 colors. See the attached picture for the 18 standard color options. We can also have a customized picture, photo or company logo printed on the panels as well. The fabric can be spot cleaned with mild detergent. The fabric on the panel is also replaceable.

Acoustic fabric is stretched tight around the aluminum frame of the panel, then neatly tucked between the acoustic fibreboard and the aluminum frame. This tension creates a perfectly smooth face, eliminates any fabric sag. The fabric across the face of the panel doesn’t actually come in contact the acoustic media underneath. A 1/6” space is maintained between the fabric and the acoustic media behind it. We typically use 3lb/ft3 acoustic fibreglass, unless otherwise reqested. We can also use 6lb/ft3 acoustic fibreglass, or Roxul made from Rockwool.The panels are built with an internal aluminum frame. There is no exposed fibreglass on the back of the panel. This is because the back of the panel is enclosed with 3/8” acoustic fibreboard, fitted into the aluminum track on the back of the panel.

These panels are easily wall mounted with our Z-clips. Ceiling mounting can be done with our ceiling track. Our proprietary ceiling installation hardware, allows the end user to keep the mounting hardware hidden from view from the ground, and keeps the panels 1” away from the ceiling. Our ceiling installation hardware allows the user to move he panel up to 3/4” on both x and y axis after the installation. All hardware is included and all of which are invisible after the panels are installed. DAP’s offer superior sound absorption, tough abuse-resistant construction, environmental friendliness, quick and easy installation, and Class A flame spread rating non-combustible as defined by ASTM E-84.

Decorative Acoustic Panels reduce noise reverberation from interior hard surfaces to create a more comfortable and efficient working environment. Decorative Acoustic Panels may be installed continuously for an uninterrupted acoustical surface, or as individual panels or geometric groupings at selected work stations.

Lead Time: Lead time is typically 7 to 10 days for all standard colour options and standard sizes. Custom sizes we are able to manufacture panels to specific sizes with 1/8” tolerance. Lead time for custom sizes is typically between 15-20 days.

Warranty: The panels have a 5 year warranty against any manufacturing defect. We have the panels manufactured in Ontario, Canada.

Applications: Gymnasiums, Auditoriums, Classrooms, Waiting Rooms, Doctors Offices, Offices, Boardrooms, Restaurants, Recording Studios, Home Theatres, ect.

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