At Hush City Soundproofing, we bring extensive expertise to the table. Providing a diverse array of sound control solutions tailored specifically for your commercial needs. Below is a list of common services. If you require a service not listed here, please reach out to us to discuss your unique requirements.

Room Design:

  • Tailored room acoustic design for various environments whether it’s in institutional, commercial, or residential settings.
  • Covering spaces such as music rooms, recital halls, multipurpose rooms, and multicultural centers.
  • Customized room acoustic design for optimal natural speech reinforcement, applicable to conference rooms, lecture halls, and meeting rooms.
  • Reverberant field acoustical design aimed at controlling activity noise in areas like corridors, lobbies, and cafeterias.

Noise and Vibration Isolation Design:

  • Design solutions for speech privacy, essential for standard offices, meeting rooms, and board rooms.
  • Noise isolation design to mitigate disruptions in spaces like computer rooms, workshops, adjacent commercial tenants, and health club facilities.
  • Vibration noise isolation design, particularly relevant for environments such as aerobic studios.

HVAC System Noise Control:

  • Expertise in noise and vibration isolation within main mechanical rooms, including boiler rooms, main fan rooms, and compartmental rooms.
  • Solutions for noise control throughout air distribution systems, encompassing ducting and shafts.

Electrical Systems Noise Control:

  • Specialized services for transformer noise and vibration control, as well as emergency generator noise management.

Piping Systems Noise Control:

  • Comprehensive solutions for minimizing noise within domestic supply water systems.
  • Noise control measures for heating and cooling system pumps.
  • Steam piping noise control, including management of control valves and PRV valves.

Multi-Family / Highrise / Commercial

Hush City Commercial Soundproofing

Working with home owners and property management companies we can retro fit sound control solutions to any multi-family, high-rise, or commercial application needed.

Are you an architect or builder? Consider Hush products for your next project to help isolate noise between units, contribute LEED points, and add value to your homes. They have undergone extensive laboratory testing and have a proven track record.

Construction Products

Acoustic Sheet & Roll Products

Pipe & Duct Products

Mechanical Products

Interior Commercial Products

Walls and Ceilings

If you have noisy neighbors or are looking to mitigate the noise within rooms of your own home we have the solutions for you. Depending on the level of noise and types of noise you are trying to control we can provide and install the right combination of products to provide the peace and quite you deserve in your home.

  • Excellent sound isolation.
  • Exceptional low frequency isolation.
  • Short circuit risk eliminated in resilient channel walls.
  • Impact sound greatly reduced.
  • High performance economical solution.
  • Extensively lab tested
walls & ceiling soundproofing

Windows and Patio Doors

We install bquiet windows as a second layer over your original windows and patio doors. They allow for for full functionality of your existing windows and doors and can easily be removed for cleaning.

  • Lower Stress & Better Health
  • Sleep Peacefully
  • Existing Windows are untouched
  • Fully Operational and Removable
  • Work Comfortably & Increase Productivity
  • Increase Value of Your Home or Condo
Window & Door Soundproofing

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