Professional Soundproofing Service

Professional Services:

Hush City Soundproofing is pleased to be able to offer our clients with Professional services to be able to assist in determining how to deal with the sound control issues in all types of spaces.

Our consulting services can be as simple as a site meeting at your home or business to determine what products and assemblies may be required for your specific needs.

The next level is to be able to provide acoustical reviews for your architectural plans to make sure you will be able to achieve the standards you are looking for. We find that many times there are items that are overlooked, we are able to find the inconsistencies and have them addressed before the building process is started, saving hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Many City Authorities are now requiring that an Acoustical Consultant be engaged to be able to determine that National Building Code requirements will be met prior to issuing new permits for multifamily projects. Hush City is able to provide the letter required to satisfy this requirement.

Once your build is completed and if you require acoustical design for your space we are able to provide site auralizations to help to best understand layout of sound absorption for the best voice quality of your room.

Our professional services even extend as far as providing on site sound testing in multifamily applications to determine that all City bylaws and Building code requirements have been met.


Whether reducing noise and vibration from mechanical and electrical equipment, from road traffic, or from your neighbour, Hush City has the expertise, instrumentation and software to develop noise and vibration control solutions for almost any situation.


Hush City provides architectural, environmental, industrial and occupational noise and vibration measurements to internationally recognized standards and qualifications, from baseline to commissioning. We can measure footfall noise, sound leakage, reverberation time and much more.


Hush City uses specialized acoustics-related software and in-house tools to help make realistic sound and vibration predictions. These programs provide graphics and auralizations that help us clearly and accurately communicate our technical observations with the public.


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