Residential Soundproofing Service

We sell and service residential soundproofing products, as well as installation of all our soundproofing products. We offer consultations for home owners, home builders, renovation companies on what residential soundproofing products they should use for their project. Here’s a list of residential services that we offer and some of our related products.

If you’d like to know more about our residential soundproofing service, and products, reach out to us today.

Soundproofing Walls and Ceilings

If you have noisy neighbours or are looking to mitigate the noise within rooms of your own home we have the solutions for you. Depending on the level of noise and types of noise you are trying to control we can provide and install the right combination of products to provide the peace and quite you deserve in your home.

Green Glue Advantage in Soundproofing Walls & Ceilings

  • Excellent sound isolation.
  • Exceptional low frequency isolation.
  • Short circuit risk eliminated in resilient channel walls.
  • Impact sound greatly reduced.
  • High performance economical solution.
  • Extensively lab tested
Soundproofing Wall iso 2

Soundproofing Floors

Floor Sound Proofing

Soundproofing floors is not a one-size-fits-all proposition, as every type of floor has its own unique soundproofing need, and therefore there are several possible solutions to consider.

We provide a variety of underlayment and sub-floor panels for soundproofing control on dance floors, professional exercise room floors, home gyms and home theaters or recording studio floors.

Soundproofing Windows and Patio Doors

We install bequiet windows as a second layer over your original windows and patio doors. They allow for for full functionality of your existing windows and doors and can easily be removed for cleaning.

  • Lower Stress & Better Health
  • Sleep Peacefully
  • Existing Windows are untouched
  • Fully Operational and Removable
  • Work Comfortably & Increase Productivity
  • Increase Value of Your Home or Condo
bQuite Soundproof Windows

Recording Studio

Studio Breakdown Hush City Soundproofing

The diagram above is a replica of a 5’x8′ flex room a client converted into a recording studio in their condo. It shows just some of the steps and materials that were used to transform the room into a soundproof studio.

After the soundproofing materials were installed acoustic panels were put in to maximize sound quality within the room. The results took a stereo turned up to about 105dB inside the studio to about 50db outside the room with the double doors shut.

If you love your instrument and are looking for a place to practice or record without driving the neighbors mad or disturbing the rest of your house, then rest assured at Hush City we deliver the results you can (can’t) hear.

Home Theater

When constructing a new home or renovating an old one we can help create a home theater room that will allow for maximum volume and enjoyment without disturbing the rest of the house. The excellent low frequency isolation of Green Glue and Resilmount sound clips combined are perfect for loud speaker construction of entertainment / theater rooms.

Hush City Soundproofing Home Theatres