To ensure the highest quality service, we operate on an appointment-only basis, allowing us to dedicate our undivided attention to your needs. Please call 604.671.4874 or toll free at 855.526.2615 to schedule your appointment.

We construct environments that provide the utmost in acoustic comfort, our systems ensure that even excessive outside noise is dramatically reduced to a level only slightly higher than that of rain drops.

Hush City Soundproofing is proud to be Vancouver’s Premier Soundproofing Company, offering exclusive soundproofing products for Commercial and Residential applications. Peace and quiet is a commodity that's becoming harder to find in Vancouver's neighbourhoods. Whether you're in Vancouver or one of its nearby cities like Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam or Surrey, you're sure to have sound control needs that we can meet.

Invest in soundproofing materials and improve the quality of your home, or commercial space.

We offer superior products for all types of soundproofing needs and requirements. Whether you are soundproofing a room, soundproofing walls or you want to create sound control throughout an entire building, we use a proven combination of soundproofing materials, professionally installed for an incredibly effective solution.

At Hush City Soundproofing customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our soundproofing experts are eager to help you understand your sound control needs and provide you the highest quality information for you to make an informed decision, that makes sense for you!

Our goal is to have you completely satisfied with our practical noise control solutions and proven superior soundproofing products and service. We work hard for your results to reduce annoying noises using our acoustic absorption, noise and sound isolation products.

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Hush City Soundproofing is now servicing Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg & everywhere in between!