Hush Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels

Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels are a welcome addition to any space looking to reduce sound echo or reverberation.

Standard Fabric wraps or printed panels are available.

Standard and Custom sizes up to 4″ x 8″



Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels

Fabric wrapped Acoustic Panels are an attractive, versatile rigid fiberglass panel that can be used for a wide variety of acoustic applications. Panels are available in 1” & 2″ thicknesses and are available in any size up to 48″ x 96″. All standard fabric facing is Anchorage or FR-701 Guilford of Maine , and is available in over 100 colors. We can also have a customized picture, photo or company logo printed on the panels.

Acoustic fabric is stretched tight around the frame of the panel, then neatly tucked between the acoustic fibreboard and the frame. This tension creates a perfectly smooth face and eliminates any fabric sag.  The panels are built utilizing a sturdy wood frame or in specified projects are available with hardened Fiberglass edges.

These panels are easily wall mounted with our mounting Hardware sold separately. Ceiling mounting can be done with cloud anchors or anchors and adjustable aircraft wire. Our ceiling installation hardware, allows the end user to keep the mounting hardware hidden from view from the ground.

Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels reduce noise reverberation from interior hard surfaces to create a more comfortable and efficient working environment. Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels may be installed continuously for an uninterrupted acoustical surface, or as individual panels or geometric groupings at selected work stations.

Lead Time:  We are able to manufacture panels to specific sizes with 1/8” tolerance. Lead time for custom sizes is typically between 15-20 working days.

Warranty: The panels have a 5 year warranty against any manufacturing defect. Our panels manufactured in Calgary, Alberta and are 100% Canadian made.

Applications: Gymnasiums, Auditoriums, Classrooms, Waiting Rooms, Doctors Offices, Offices, Boardrooms, Restaurants, Recording Studios, Home Theatres, Restaurants etc.

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