Door Sweeps and Seals

Do Door Sweeps and Seals Block Noise?

The answer is… Yes! If there are gaps where air can travel, sound will travel too. Installing an Automatic Drop-Down Door Sweep and Soundproof Jamb Seal will assist in keeping interior noise in and exterior noise out. Door sweeps and seals can be used separately, but when used together they provide a more efficient sound barrier.

How the Automatic Drop-Down Sweep Works

The Automatic Drop-Down Door Sweep starts off flush with the bottom of the door allowing the door to swing clear without any dragging on the floor. As the door closes, an adjustable “plunger” is compressed against the door frame, activating a concealed flat spring mechanism. This mechanism drops the seal smoothly from the housing in a scissor-like motion. The door seal compresses tightly against the floor or threshold and retracts automatically when the door is opened.

How the Door Jamb Seal Works

The rubber gasket along the edge of lightweight aluminum presses firmly against the door to create a sound and airtight fit.

If you have a hollow core door, using the sweeps and seals will have minimal effect if any as the door itself will still allow sound transfer. Your best bet is to have a combination of a solid core door in conjunction with the sweeps and seals to optimize performance.

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