Door Seals



Door Seals

Do Door Seals offer a noise reduction? The answer is simple, YES! Just like airflow, dust, or liquid; sound will seep into your room. To prevent that from happening, the best solution is to fix it at its source. Using the seal and Automatic Drop-Down Door Sweep system will do just that. How, you ask? The rubber gasket along the edge of lightweight aluminum trim presses firmly against the door to create an airtight fit. By filling in the gaps this will reduce noise transfer dramatically, allowing you to focus more on what is in front of you than around you.

The door seal is 3/4″ thick rubber with aluminum frame for a total thickness of 1”. The easy-to-install solution effectively seals the perimeter against the jamb for sound control. Seals also can be modified to fit the size of your door.

Learn more on how to Soundproof your door.

Available Sizes:

  • Standard 17’ – 7’/7’/3’
  • Over Height 18’ – 8’/8’/3’
  • Double Door 20’ – 7’/7’/6’


Silver Aluminum/Black Rubber


Additional information


Door Seal Aluminum 17' Standard – 7'/7'/3', Door Seal Aluminum 20' Double Door – 7'/7'/6', Door Seal Aluminum 22' Over Height – 8'/8'/6'

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