Automatic Drop Down Door Sweep



Automatic Door Sweep

The gap under doors is a sound leak when attempting to create a soundproof room. Applying an Automatic Door Sweep is a simple and very effective way to create a strong seal at the bottom of doors. These door bottoms have heavy duty soundproofing and sealing properties that will adapt to your floor condition, ensuring a tight seal against the floor or saddle, even when inevitable shifting and warping of the door occurs.

How it Works:

The seal starts off flush with the bottom of the door allowing the door to swing clear without any dragging on the floor. As the door is closed, an adjustable “plunger” is compressed against the door frame, activating a concealed flat spring mechanism. This mechanism drops the seal smoothly from the housing in a scissor-like motion. The door seal compresses tightly against the floor or threshold and retracts automatically when the door is opened.

The concealed spring mechanism is activated on the hinge side first. Once the seal hits the floor on the hinge side it will push down the seal at the other end. This allows the seal to conform to uneven gaps (provided that the gap is in a straight line, not “U” shaped).

While our Automatic Door Sweep seals gaps of 0.3″ – 1″ we recommend keeping the gap to 3/8″ and not more than 1/2″ for optimum performance. If your gap is larger we recommend installing a threshold or adding some wood furring to the bottom of your door. The brass nut at the head of the Door Sweep can be adjusted in and out to apply more or less pressure on the drop of the seal. This can be adjusted once the Door Sweep is installed onto your door.

Available Mounting Options:

Surface Mounted, Semi-Mortised or Mortised

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 36 × .5 × 3 in

36" – Surface/Semi Mortise Automatic Door Sweep, 36" Mortised, 30" Mortised, Surface/Semi Mortise Automatic Door Sweep – 30"

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