Soundproof Door Jamb Seals 84″



Soundproof Door Jamb Seals

Our soundproof door jamb seal consists of a 3/4″ thick rubber seal (total thickness with aluminum frame is 1.0″), is an easy-to-install solution that effectively seals perimeter of door against jamb for sound and air. The rubber gasket along the edge of lightweight aluminum presses firmly to create a sound and airtight fit. Door Jamb Seals Kit includes two 7′ length sides and one 36″ top. Seals can be modified to fit your door size. Automatic door sweeps/bottoms are sold separately.
Install Door Frame Seals on door frame in place of jamb to maximize opening. Alternatively, install Door Frame Seals directly over existing jamb.

Size: 84″ (other sizes available by special order, please contact for pricing)

Finish: Silver Aluminum/Black Rubber