BQuiet Soundproof Windows- Special Order


bQuiet Soundproof Windows

Noise has become a very important problem in Western Canada. Growth surrounding cities in Western Canada from the downtown core to the outskirts is increasing in congestion and traffic noise. Escaping to the suburbs is no answer as the traffic noise is everywhere. This noise is causing many sleepless nights!! This is creating much unnecessary stress for many of us!!

Fortunately bQuiet Soundproof windows has a Canadian made solution.  Our soundproof window is very simple to install. It arrives with do it yourself instructions and all the necessary materials for easy installation. The bQuiet window system is a second window placed behind or inside your existing window. This allows for original windows to be kept, preserving the exterior look and complies with any regulations condo and townhouse owners face. The bQuiet window will significantly reduce noise generally 75%-90% and still keeps the functionality of opening and closing your existing windows. Any home, condominium or commercial offices that suffer from excessive noise because of their vicinity to a busy street, railway tracks, airport flight path or noisy neighbors will greatly benefit from the installation of a bQuiet window.