2019 Alberta Soundproofing Building Code

2019 Apparent Sound Transmission Class (or ASTC) Building Code

The 2019 editions of the Alberta Building Code, the Alberta Fire Code and the 2017 National Energy Code for Buildings (NECB) have been adopted by provincial regulation on February 12, 2019. The new Alberta Building, Fire and Energy Efficiency Codes have been approved and come into effect on April 1, 2019.

Although you have to keep all building codes in mind, below is a brief understanding of how these new building codes relate to the business we specialize in, soundproofing.

Sound Transmission Code (ASTC)

Airborne Sound Transmission

  • Introduces a new metric called Apparent Sound Transmission Class (or ASTC). It is the sum of all flanking sound transmission paths (indirect paths) and the direct sound transmission path.
  • ASTC better relates to what is heard by the occupant.
  • No changes to the level of performance.
  • Provides 3 compliance paths; Measurement, Look up tables, or the NRC web application soundPATHS.
Sound Transmission Code Change

Transition Period

While the new codes come into force on April 1, 2019 there is a 6 month transition period, ending on September 30, 2019, to facilitate transition to the new codes from the previous codes. The transition period will apply to the Building Code and the Energy Code for Buildings so that existing construction and plans are not unreasonably disrupted. The new edition of the fire code applies to construction under the new building code. There are three conditions that allow for construction to proceed under the previous building code edition when the National Building Code – 2019 Alberta Edition comes into effect (becomes law): Read more at BILDAlberta.ca