Duracoustic – Sound Deadening Floor Underlay


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DURACOUSTIC® – Sound Deadening Floor Underlay

The DURACOUSTIC® underlay system acts not only as a sound deadener but also as a decoupler by stopping the sound transmission path through the floor-ceiling assembly and averts noise flanking room to room. DURACOUSTIC® is a sophisticated but very effective answer to creating floor systems which meet stern sound ratings in multiple-story residences condominiums, hotels, apartments), private homes and business applications.

Testing carried out by National Research Council of Canada has demonstrated outstanding sound attenuation with a variety of construction assemblies and floor coverings, including ceramic tile, parquet, and laminate and hardwood floors. DURACOUSTIC® underlay is a 8 mm (5/16”) reinforced rubber (recycled) matting with an open cell structure which enhances its sound deadening properties making possible the installation of cost effective sound-rated floor.

Advantages of Using DURACOUSTIC®

• Conceals minor subfloor irregularities
• Greatly reduces impact sound
• Always lays flat and will not slip during installation
• Works extremely well over radiant heated floors
• Resists mold, mildew and fungus growth
• Enhances underfoot comfort
• Does not crush down

Environmentally Friendly:

DURACOUSTIC® is made with recycled tire rubber (min 85%) bonded with synthetic latex. It also passes indoor air quality test for low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emission. DURACOUSTIC® is 100% recyclable and also contributes to LEED credits.

Thickness & Weight: 8 mm thick & 65 lbs per full roll

Standard Dimensions: Full roll – 54″ x 24 ft. (108 sq.ft.)

Applications: Underlay for carpet, Underlay for gypsum concrete, Housekeeping Pads, Gym Room Isolated Floors

Additional information

Weight 65 lbs
Dimensions 54 × 10 × 10 in

Full Roll (54" x 24')