Hush Step Floating Floor System


Hush Step Floating Floor System

The Hush Step Floating Floor System serves a wide variety of applications where the absorption of impact and sound isolation are required. The Hush Step Floating Floor System is an engineered floating floor system that allows multi-use buildings, fitness Centers and Gyms to function by mitigating structure borne sound transfer. Floor impact isolation is required for applications such as free weight drop and treadmill noise in health clubs, heavy floor impact for activities such as dance studios, martial arts, or aerobics classes. This floating floor system is excellent to install into residential homes or condos where high impact noise needs to be isolated above/below floors, especially for houses with basement suites that are being rented out separately from the upstairs.

The Hush Step Floating Floor System is ready to be installed and does not require any special tools or training. Start by installing an isolation perimeter strip first. This ensures that the entire floor system remains de-coupled from the walls. Next start laying down the 1 or 1.5 inch thick insulation batts edge to edge. As you progress, populate the voids in the batts with the supplied 3 x 3 Hush Step single or double-sided rubber isolation pads. For dance floors use a minimum 1/2” Tongue and Groove plywood to retain the maximum resilience. For commercial gyms use minimum 5/8” or 3/4” Tongue and Groove plywood creating the “floating” aspect  for impact resistance. Lastly you will then install a second layer of 3/4″ plywood by screwing into the first layer of plywood, ensuring the second layer of plywood overlaps the first layer to “lock in” the entire floor system. Then you can install floor underlayment such as Dura Son or Duracoustic (recommended, not needed) and your choice of flooring on top.

The Hush Step Floating Floor System has the highest acoustic isolation available of any floating floor as tested against other floating floor systems. Key to its performance are the diamond shaped isolators that reduces up to 90% contact with the hard floor surface and is  surrounded by acoustic media.

Acoustic performance is measured in an ASTM recognized testing method for IIC (Impact Isolation Class). The improvement is reported as Delta IIC (ΔIIC). Lab Tested on a 6” concrete slab the Hush Step Floating Floor System has a ΔIIC of 35.


Gym Floors, Dance Floors, Martial Arts Floors, Residential Floors (especially with basement suites)