HUSH NR (non reinforced) Noise Barrier Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) 1lb and 2lb (100 sq/ft Rolls)



Why is Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) so celebrated as a sound barrier?

Because MLV has a very small cross-section, it is flexible AND it is massive! No other high mass barriers can be wrapped around or molded to the shape of something — MLV can. This unique combination of small dimension, mass and flexibility makes Mass Loaded Vinyl a one-of-a-kind material in the world of sound barriers.

About Mass Loaded Vinyl

“Mass Loaded Vinyl” (MLV) is made from mineral filled, recycled PVC, and is designed for maximum sound transmission loss in a thin sheet material. This strong and flexible noise barrier is easy to work with and can be used in many applications such as Walls, Pipes, Ducts, Window Mullions, Fences, AC surrounds, or Vehicles. Mass Loaded Vinyl is non-toxic and available in 1 lb or 2 lb per sq. ft. Also available is a 1 lb per sq. ft. Fire Rated version. The material is easy to cut with standard ‘snap off blade’ utility knives making site fitting fast and easy to install.

So, when is mass-loaded vinyl a cost-effective soundproofing solution? There are three kinds of applications where MLV is a great option:

  • You need a very thin layer of mass. For floors or walls with tight space constraints, the space saved by using MLV rather than drywall could justify the higher cost.
  • You need a flexible source of mass. MLV can be used to wrap columns or pipes, to line ductwork, or to fill gaps around doors and windows.
  • You have a temporary application, or you need a portable source of mass. MLV can be used as a portable sound blanket or noise control curtain.

Installing more layers of gypsum via means of Damping Compound or isolation clips is unfortunately not always doable due to the floor to ceiling height in many basements. Soundproofing walls and soundproofing ceilings in these restricted environments are often far easier with Mass Loaded Vinyl. What if we could double the total mass of a given construction project and use only a few millimeters of additional space? This is where Mass Loaded Vinyl is irreplaceable.

MLV Choices

In purchasing mass-loaded vinyl, your main decision will be what thickness you want. The most common thicknesses are 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch or 1lb and 2lb weights. The thickness you choose will be based on your space limitations, your soundproofing requirements, and your budget.


Thickness: 1lb/sq.ft – 1/8″     2lb/sq.ft. – 1/4″

Standard Roll Size: 1lb/sq.ft. – 48″ x 25′ (100 sq. ft.)     2lb/sq.ft. – 48″ x 25′ (100 sq. ft.)

Typical Physical Properties

Material: Recycled PVC

Color: Black

Specific Gravity: 1.8

Weight: 1.0 Lb./sq.ft.     2.0 Lb./sq/ft.

Tensile PSI: 1lb – 300 psi     2lb -275 psi


Applications: Walls, ceilings, floors, pipes, HVAC ducts, office partition walls, computer server rooms, mechanical rooms, sound barrier liner, engine liner, vehicle door or trunk liners, etc.

Additional information

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1 LB, 2 LB