HUSH NR (non reinforced) Noise Barrier Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) 1lb-100 Sq ft


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Mass Loaded Vinyl

“Mass Loaded Vinyl” (MLV) is made from mineral filled, 100% recycled PVC and is designed for maximum sound transmission loss in a thin sheet material. This strong and flexible noise barrier is easy to work with and can be used in many applications such as Walls, Pipes, Ducts, Window Mullions, Fences or Vehicles. Mass Loaded Vinyl is non-toxic and available in 1 lb or 2 lb per sq. ft. Also available is a 1 lb per sq. ft. Fire Rated version. MLV is commonly installed directly on the studs before drywall is applied to allow the material to hang freely. It is also great for outdoor applications such as fence and A/C surrounds.  The material is easy to cut with standard ‘snap off blade’ utility knives making site fitting fast and easy.

Why is Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) so celebrated as a sound barrier?

Because MLV has a very small cross-section, it’s flexible AND it’s massive! No other high mass barriers can be wrapped around or molded to the shape of something — MLV can. This unique combination of small dimension, mass and flexibility makes Mass Loaded Vinyl a one-of-a-kind material in the world of sound barriers. For example, if you need to sound isolate a horizontal run of a grey-water pipe in a homes basement; the typical method in the past would have been to place a little more fuzzy stuff in the joist cavity where the pipe is (say 3-inch Roxul Safe n’ Sound insulation). Then put up the normal 1/2-inch gypsum board ceiling.

Installing more layers of gypsum via means of Damping Compound or isolation clips is unfortunately not always doable due to the floor to ceiling height in many basements. Soundproofing walls and soundproofing ceilings in these restricted environments is often far easier with Mass Loaded Vinyl. What if we could double the total mass of a given construction project and use only a few millimeters of additional space? This is where Mass Loaded Vinyl is irreplaceable. Going back to the earlier example of the grey-water pipe. Before closing the ceiling, if we wrap the grey-water pipe in .14 mm (˜ 9/64-inch) Mass Loaded Vinyl at 2 lbs. / sq. ft., we have effectively doubled the mass per running foot of the ceiling around and below the pipe.

Double the mass = approximately double the isolation.

Try wrapping a pipe in concrete or hardboard or MDF! Even if it where doable — think of the time and labor that would be required? Compared to cutting lengths of Mass Loaded Vinyl into strips and then cable tying the strips around the pipe. It’s a bit of a no-brainer!!! Installing Mass Loaded Vinyl in walls, ceilings and beneath floors is a space saver and is stunningly effective regarding mass per cross-section dimension.

Thickness: 1lb/sq.ft – 0.11″ or 2lb/sq.ft. – 0.19″
Standard Roll Size: 1lb/sq.ft. – 48″ x 25′ (100 sq. ft.) or 2lb/sq.ft. – 54″ x 15′ (67.5 sq. ft.)

Typical Physical Properties:

Material: 100% recycled PVC

Colour: Black

Specific Gravity: 1.8

Weight:  1.0 Lb./sq.ft.  2.0 Lb./sq/ft.

Tensile PSI: 220

Applications: Walls, ceilings, floors, pipes, HVAC ducts, office partition walls, computer server rooms, mechanical rooms, sound barrier liner, engine liner, vehicle door or trunk liners, ect.

Additional information

Weight 135 lbs
Dimensions 360 × 54 × 10 in
Sound Block B-10NR



Sound Block 1lb 54" x 30'- 135 sq ft, Sound Block 2lb 54" x 15'- 67.5 sq ft