Quiet Joint – Acoustic Joint Filler & Partition Closure- Special Order Only


Quiet Joint – Acoustic Joint Filler & Partition Closure (Special Order Product. Please contact for pricing)

An acoustic joint filler, Quiet Joint is a mass-loaded sound, draft, heat, cold, and dust blocking acoustic partition closure and joint filler for interior, non-moving joints and gaps.It is a non-mechanical, high-STC (Sound Transmission Class), non-invasive anchored closure that quickly and easily mates partitions to windows, mullions, or stud walls.

QuietJoint blocks sound transmission between rooms. It comes in 26 different colours, is versatile, and ideally suited as a closure for gaps between the ends of permanent, semi-permanent, or movable partitions, window-wall, curtain-wall, head-of-wall and other conditions. QuietJoint features a mass-loaded fire-resistant foam core coated with a high-grade silicone. The foam core is a custom-density open-cell foam infused with a fire-resistant, acrylic-based mass-loading agent. Supplied just larger than the field-measured joint gap, QuietJoint is hand compressed and squeezed into the opening. The edges of the silicone coating are tucked tight to the substrate to complete a clean finish.


1″ (25mm) to 6″ (150mm)



  • End of partition to window (SHG 3-sided coating)
  • End of partition to mullion (SHH 2-sided coating)
  • End of partition to wall (SHH)
  • Head of wall (SHH)
  • To block any flanking path
  • To fill construction-created voids and gaps