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Tectum interior wall & ceiling panels offer an effective, permanent and attractive solution for any kind of application that required deadening of undesirable noise levels within an enclosed space. Tectum panels are abuse-resistant and are able to withstand repeated impact, yet are considerably lightweight. Tectum interior wall & ceiling panels are easy to install in new construction and in existing buildings for effective sound control.

Tectum panels combine a unique textured appearance with unusual durability. Features include excellent sound absorption, lightweight structural strength and Class A/1 flame spread rating. The use of Tectum is very cost effective for a multitude of interior applications. Tectum panels are made of aspen wood fibers, bonded with an exclusive hydraulic cement binder. Few, if any other acoustical products can take the repeated abuse that Tectum panels can and still retain their good looks and structural integrity.

Tectum Acoustic Panels are easy to install on walls with conventional wood or drywall tools. Ceiling installations use standard grid suspension components. The natural or factory painted white panels provide a decorative interior finish. They can be field painted to match color schemes without losing acoustical efficiency.


• Reduces noise – NRC up to 1.00.

• Class A/1 Flame Spread Rating.

• Durability – Tough, abuse resistant.

• R-Value – 1.75 / in. Can be field painted – for best results use an alkali-stable flat latex base paint spray applied (approx. 300 sq. ft. per gallon).

• Easy to install – Wide variety of uses.

• Economical.

***No asbestos is used in Tectum***


Tectum acoustical panels can be used over swimming pools and in open construction such as breeze-ways and open garages. However, they should not be installed where they will come in direct contact with water or condensation.
One inch thick panels over 23-3/4” x 47-3/4” size should not be used where the relative humidity will exceed 85%. Panels thicker than 1” are not restricted by humidity.


Tectum Ceiling & Wall Panels width and length, plus zero minus 1/8”, over 4’ length is plus 1/8” to 1/4”. Thickness is nominal, plus zero minus 3/32”. Panels that are to be butted must be beveled and may require field fitting.

Available Sizes:

Tectum Wall Panels Standard: Thicknesses – 1″, 1½”, 2″ Actual Size –  23¾”, 31¾”, 47¾” X 72″, Panels up to 144” in 12” increments Edge Detail – Long Edges Beveled

Tectum Ceiling Panels Standard Tiles: Thicknesses –  1″, 1½”, 2″ Actual Size – 23¾” X 23¾” or 47¾”, or 1½” thick –  47¾” X 47¾”


It is recommended that Tectum used as wall panels be installed on wood or metal furring strips. Adding fiberglass between the furring strips will improve overall performance. All exposed panel edges should be beveled for best appearance.

Gyms, Pools, Warehouses, Restaurants, Car Dealerships, Meeting Rooms, Hotel Lobby, ect.