How to Soundproof a window

If you’re interested in window soundproofing, you may not know where to begin. Of course, you could hire professionals who know how to soundproof windows, but if you’re a DIY enthusiast, you probably see an opportunity to save some money here by doing it yourself

Why Would Someone Be Interested in Soundproofing Windows?

Noise pollution can be a huge problem, especially if you live in a highly populated area or a high-occupancy apartment. Sounds like construction, music that neighbors may play at all hours of the day or night, crying children or even the general sounds of daily life may intrude into your home and become a nuisance. You might find your sleep, concentration and conversations disrupted.

Your window is designed to let things into your home — mostly light and air — but it also lets in sound, even when it’s closed. Taking steps to soundproof your window can go a long way toward reducing that interfering noise, leading you to more restful nights, reduced stress and more pleasant social interactions.

How to Get Started With DIY Window Soundproofing

You’ll want to start by sealing off any air gaps in your window(s) with an Acoustic Sealant. Proper insulation is the key to soundproofing your window. Add thick insulation tape to the bottom of the window and the area where the window meets the sill. Once any areas where sound can get through are fully covered and sealed with soundproof  tape or insulation, you should be protected from some noise pollution.

The next step is to soundproof the walls surrounding the window. You have a number of choices when it comes to how to do this, from adding soundproofing barriers to soundproofing acoustical panels and soundproofing tape. You can find a full assortment of the materials you might use to do the job at

Once you have soundproofed the areas in and around the window(s), you must tackle the window itself! Hush City carries Canadian made bQuiet soundproof windows. Our soundproof windows are very simple to install. It arrives with do it yourself instructions and all the necessary materials for easy installation. bQuiet soundproof windows are a second window placed behind or inside your existing window, there’s no need to remove or replace your existing windows. bQuiet soundproof windows can easily be removed or made to be fully operational, allowing for easy cleaning, and not impeding the functioning of your existing windows.

Benefits of Window Soundproofing

Studies show a comfortable work environment substantially increases productivity. Reducing or virtually eliminating unwanted noise and distractions with our soundproof windows will allow you to be much more efficient thus working less and getting more done. Less noise means better value for residential homeowners who want to enjoy watching television, listening to music and spending quiet time inside. Noise reduction reduces stress levels and permits people to be more productive, creative, and comfortable, while enjoying improved privacy.

The value of your property will skyrocket compared to your neighbors’ as you enjoy all the benefits of a great central location without the noise problems they have to endure. Prospective buyers will gladly pay a premium for your quiet, comfortable property when comparing it to the loud, noisier alternatives. Real estate in noisy areas sells for less and doesn’t appreciate in value compared to quieter locations. By adding bQuiet soundproof windows, many of our clients have restored the value of their properties compared to their quieter counterparts.

One such case study is a couple that purchased a beautiful town house in Calgary, Alberta – an end unit next to a busy street. The Purchase price in 2009 was roughly $30,000 less than the same size townhouses away from the traffic. The couple contacted us and we installed our bQuiet windows on the second floor, providing peace and tranquility in the bedrooms. A year later in 2010 the couple had to re-locate and sold their Calgary town house for 25% more than the purchase price in 2009. The new value was closer to the same townhouses located further away from the traffic in the quieter zone.

Another example is a home in Edmonton, AB that had to be listed for $40,000 less than the neighbor across the street in a smaller house. The listed house backed on to one of the busiest roads in Edmonton. The owner had our bQuiet windows installed and decided to stay, he can now confidently list his home for the same price as his neighbor’s across the street.

Many of the new homes being built today are near very busy traffic areas – the 400 series highways, major streets, closer to airports, near train tracks, etc… Sound walls are often a requirement, however they don’t extend to the second floor, leaving the upper bedrooms exposed. We find many of our clients have empty upstairs bedrooms and are sleeping in lower rooms because of the high noise level. When we install our bQuiet windows, bedrooms are re-claimed and the value of the home rises.

Often great locations in parts of the city come at the cost of excessive noise. It often comes down to tolerating the situation, where we’ll hear people say “I’ll get used to it”. Please check our blog page on the long-term health effects of noise. With bQuiet windows, you can now live in any exciting part of the city that you desire, but in a quiet environment. It’s like having your cake and eating it too!!

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