Multi-Family Complex Sound Control

New Requirements in the 2015 Canadian National Building Code: Flanking Noise

The recently updated National Building Code (NBC) of Canada 2015 presents a new way to control airborne sound transmitted between adjoining spaces. While past versions of the code specified criteria for noise transmitted directly through separating wall, floor and ceiling assemblies, the updated code now considers both the horizontal and vertical flanking paths associated with these partitions…

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Decibel Levels - Exposure Chart 2 - How Loud is Too Loud

Background Noise – How Much is Acceptable?

Background Noise is the noise level at a given location and time, measured in the absence of any alleged noise nuisance or sound sources being studied. It is also referred to as the ambient or residual noise. Background noise is a form of noise pollution or interferance

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Compelling Facts About Sound, Noise & Soundproofing

Here at Hush City Soundproofing, we are always hunting down new information about acoustics and soundproofing, both for our own research, and to share with you. Along the way we’ve come across some pretty interesting stuff. See our favourites and let us know if there are any sound facts we’ve missed

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How to Soundproof Windows Banner

How to Soundproof a window

If you’re interested in window soundproofing, you may not know where to begin. Of course, you could hire professionals who know how to soundproof windows, but if you’re a DIY enthusiast, you probably see an opportunity to save some money here by doing it yourself

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How does noise affect your health?

Noise’s in the home, work or school often disrupts people’s concentration. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, noise also affects people’s health by increasing general stress levels and aggravating stress-related conditions such as high blood pressure, coronary disease, peptic ulcers and migraine headaches. Continued exposure does not lead to habituation; in fact, the effects worsen

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